The Devon CEPN is delighted to be hosting the second annual Primary Care Awards Event on the 5th July 2019 at Devon Hotel - Old Matford Lane - Exeter - Devon - EX2 8XU as part of the Devon CEPN Annual Conference.

The Awards are open to all primary workersworking in Devon. 

The awards categories are:

Individual awards

  • Team of the Year
  • Lifetime Achievement
  • Rising Star
  • Inspirational Leader
  • Special recognition for going above and beyond
  • Student of the Year
  • Patients choice
  • Innovation
  • Supporting learning in Practice

Who can nominate:

Any individual, including patients, may nominate a candidate for these awards.

Award Categories - Criteria

Team of the Year

Recognising a Top Performing Team
Celebrating extraordinary teams who consistently go beyond their ‘job description’ to make a difference for patients, carers or colleagues.  High quality healthcare is a team effort, often involving collaboration between a range of professions and organisations.  This is particularly important in the development and implementation of initiatives to improve healthcare delivery.
This team will set high standards for themselves and encourage others to do the same.
The team must be working in Devon and be able to demonstrate:
  • How the team has been innovative in delivering high standards of patient care
  • How the team have made a difference for patients, carers and colleagues
  • What impact the team has had on their patients or local area
Lifetime Achievement
This award recognises an individual who has made a career-long contribution to healthcare, resulting in a legacy of sustainably improved patient care.
Nominees for this award will have earned recognition from, and the respect of, their peers and will be acknowledged as having reached the pinnacle of their career.
This person will stand out as someone who has had a significant positive impact on healthcare at a local, regional or national level.
The nomination will demonstrate:
  • How the individual is recognised as an expert in their field, having delivered improvements in the quality of care
  • The benefits their work has had for patients, clients, families and colleagues.
  • The passion the individual has for healthcare delivery by going the “extra mile”, demonstrating a “can do” positive attitude
Special Recognition for going above and beyond
This very special award will celebrate a person who just had to be nominated!
Their amazing contribution to healthcare may not fit any of the other nomination categories, but its significance cannot be ignored.
The nomination will demonstrate:
  • How this person goes above and beyond
  • Why their contribution is invaluable
  • The ongoing daily impact of this individual
Rising Star
 Some individuals stand out from the moment you meet them.  They are natural leaders who are motivated to constantly improve the quality of their own practice and of others they work with.  They develop skills quickly, are creative and innovative.  They are engaging and motivating to patients and team members alike.
Individuals like these will be a positive influence on the workplace throughout their careers, and are our future leaders.
This individual should be someone who:
  • Joined healthcare in the last five years.
  • Demonstrates exceptional qualities and leadership skills to inspire others to follow their example.
  • Is at the start of an amazing career journey in healthcare
Inspirational Leader
This award aims to recognise an individual who have demonstrated exceptional leadership abilities and have used them to help shape high quality, safe care in their area of work.
We are looking for the most influential, intelligent, impactful and inspirational individual in Devon.  They will have proven leadership abilities in implementing excellent patient care and ensuring that everyone they work with understands and works towards these standards of excellence.
They will inspire others to have the confidence to achieve their full potential.  Their attitude will demonstrate to the wider public just how much they love working in General Practice and with patients as their central focus.
The nominee should be someone who:
  • Influences for positive change
  • Fosters respect from their interactions with others
  • Remains positive and supportive regardless of external challenges
Student of the Year
This award will be given to a student who has been out in placement within the last 12 months.
The individual would have impressed the team with their motivation, enthusiasm and eagerness to learn.
They will have integrated into the workplace and embedded themselves as part of the workforce, despite being supernumerary!!
The nomination will be able to demonstrate that the individual:
  • Stood out as an exceptional learner
  • Has shown insight and empathy into patient and carer situations
  • Relishes the challenges of a dynamic healthcare environment
Patients’ Choice
The winner of this unique award will be chosen by the patients themselves.
Patients can nominate a member of the practice team who has stood out and who has helped make their healthcare experience better. The reasons for this may be varied, as only the patient will know how the individual has impacted on them.
Nomination forms will be available at practice receptions and a poster will be sent to practices to advertise the award and how they can nominate.
This award goes to an individual or a team, who have improved patient experience through an innovative approach.
This approach may be, for example, a way of working, a way of delivering care or a way of supporting the staff or employees.
It will inspire others and showcase how innovation can make change a positive experience.
Nominations should demonstrate:
  • Innovation and sustainability
  • Impact in practice
  • Potential for wider expansion and development
 Supporting Learning in Practice
This award aims to celebrate an individual who continually promotes education in the work place, recognising its value and impact.
The person will set high standards, be a role model and inspire others within their area of practice, encouraging others to do the same.
The individual must be working in Devon, in a healthcare environment.
Nominations should demonstrate the individual’s:
  • Commitment to facilitating learning in the practice setting
  • Exceptional imagination and innovation in education delivery
  • Positive feedback from patients or health care professionals
How to Nominate
Closing date for all nomination forms is close of business on 31st May 2019. Application forms received after the closing date will not be considered.
The selection of Award winners will be made by a panel of judges. Awards are non-transferable and the judges’ decision is final.
The Devon CEPN reserves the right to disqualify any candidate at any stage of the selection process if it is considered to be in the best interest of the healthcare  profession.